Thursday, April 10, 2014


Cyborg Mania is an animated machinima series I have created about civil and social conflicts with human kind verses machine, and cybernetic kind. This type of animation is very popular on This is a new kind of machinima introduced to Youtube in its rare story telling form. Totally in house made, ground floor, concept story production. Please support my youtube page "Ponder Machinima Productions" by subscribing and watching videos via this link at Youtube:

Thanks a ton! I hope you enjoy the show!

Yours truly,
Lymond Ponder


Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2013)

I am pleased that this film was finally made. However the pacing in this was very boring. But one can't call a JRR movie boring because the story in itself is amazing, yet retold. The film is fantastic because even after three hours of watching I wanted more. However I don't believe this film is re-watchable like the Lord of the Rings fellowship film. The Hobbit is like watching a film fill a gap to a story you already know. But then once you view the partial gap, you're kind of done with it and want more of the filling. Did that make any sense?

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

It made me very HAPPY! lol Jokes aside, its a very well made CGI movie. Pharell did an amazing job with the music score! The story was very intense and the humor was goofy, over the top. Its a great family film despite that urinal scene at the start. lol

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Terminator 5

I want the future war! The going way back in the past before JD to kill the young Connors plot line is old and tired. I am a long term fan who wants to see the war as conveyed by James Cameron in T1 and T2. If time travel must be involved it would be better if Skynet gave up on trying to specifically kill the Connor family lineage and instead sends the known popular T-800s back in time from the point Skynet is defeated to prevent their defeat. Skynet on a desperate attempt should send a slew of T-800s back in time to kill Connor and all of his resistance team , sending them back to say around the time Reece first gets the photo of Sarah thus the influx of so many machines.  They could even throw in a prototype T-1000 with little screen time at the tail end. The large amount of T-800s or T-888s could be coming from a few decades ahead, thus why Connor must  learn about the time technology and eventually send Reece back. The Rock can be a mute T8 they just happen to run into during the chaos. The TX could just be some software specs Connor stumbles upon. Arnold and The Rock could be these real humans, randomly captured by Skynet being used as human templates. Of course they've had Arnold a long time thus his age. thus explains why Skynet is using Arnold's DNA and genetic make up to model so many of the T800s. John Connor could rescue Arnold's character from Skynet and finally form a real bond with the true figure he looked up to as child. This would be my story idea if the power were in my famdom hands...Sadly it is not.